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Perverting the Course of Justice Act One

Title: Perverting the Courts of Justice
Rating: Mature (for sex and swearing. All the good stuff!)
Pairing: THAT WOULD BE TELLING... But still, Kristoph/Apollo, Apollo/Phoenix, Apollo/Klavier.
Chapters: Act One
First Intermission
Act Two
Second Intermission

"Keep up the good work, Justice."
Apollo Justice looked up from his work a moment to see his boss, Kristoph Gavin.
"Of course, sir," he barked in reply. He then blushed a little upon realising the volume in which he was speaking. He had trouble controlling it around the man, despite his voice training exercises.
"That's my boy!" Kristoph laughed, putting on a kind smile. He turned to go back to the office.

The younger man watched him walk away. He couldn't help it. Kristoph looked like some sublime deity, crowned with pristine golden hair and his eyes, Apollo swore, were such a shade of blue that it would be possible to see eternity in them. This also led him to believe that Kristoph wore glasses to protect people from being consumed by them... rather than the more likely and obvious case of bad eye sight.
"Oh and, Apollo!" the man called.
Apollo practically jumped out of his seat.
"Yes, sir?" he squeaked, blushing frantically.
"If you come by my office at the end of the day, I'll give you a lift home," he smiled, holding onto the door handle elegantly.
"Thank you, sir," he blushed even more. He wasn't the only apprentice there, so, that Mr Gavin was paying attention to him...
"I look forward to it! Oh, and drop the sir, just call me Kristoph!" he smiled demurely, then disappearing into his office.
Apollo sighed, inadvertently shooting longing glances at the office door. He shook himself back to reality when he realised that he and Kristoph weren't the only two people in the world, let alone the workplace.

He pushed all of his pederastic fantasies aside and buried himself in his work. He'd gotten so absorbed that he didn't realise that everyone else had gone home for the night until he felt a hand on his shoulder and heard a voice say "You must be exhausted".
He turned around to see Kristoph, who was now massaging his shoulders.
"What time is it?" Apollo mumbled, melting into Kristoph's nimble hands.
"About half past eight," he replied calmly.
"Oh Christ," he muttered, saving all the documents on the computer he'd been working on.
"Come on," Kristoph smiled, turning off the computer and leading the younger man out to his car.

The journey home, Apollo decided, was absolute bliss. He was enveloped in perfect comfort as the air conditioning and plush heated seat worked in harmony on his body. Some Tchaikovsky was playing on the CD player and as for the company... Perfect.
Kristoph caught his apprentice staring and smiled.
"I'm really impressed with how you've been doing at the firm," he announced, returning his gaze to the road. "And I've been thinking, if you keep up the good work, I want you to join me in the courtroom."
"Really, sir?!?!" he spluttered.
"Hmhm," he nodded.
"I... Thank you, sir!"
"What did I tell you earlier, Apollo?" he laughed, "Please call me Kristoph!"
"Yes sir-er... Kristoph!" he babbled.

"This is your apartment building, right?"
"Oh, yes," Apollo replied, slightly distracted by his thoughts. He didn't want to get out of the car. He wanted Kristoph to hold him. But alas, he didn't feel worthy of such a fine man's affections. Looking at him and hearing him speak would be enough.
"Is something the matter, Apollo?" Kristoph asked, noticing the young man's knitted brow.
Kristoph gave him a kind little smile.
"Sir... Kristoph... I... I really like you... I mean... oh shit..." he confessed, blushing brightly. He winced as he expected Kristoph to throw him out of the car.
Something brushed against his cheek. He cautiously opened his eyes.
"I'm so proud of you..." Kristoph smiled, caressing Apollo's face.
"Huh?!?!" he gasped.
"I could tell you liked me that way," he explained softly, "I'd contemplated making the first move... but... well, I thought it would be more... professional if you took that initiative!"
"Sir? Um, Kristoph, sir?"
Kristoph leant over slightly and gently pulled the young man's chin close so their lips were hardly touching. Apollo was so tense with anticipation that all he could hear was his own heartbeat, thudding in his ears. His face felt like it was on fire. This was it. The point of no return.

Apollo unbuckled his seat belt and pushed his lips against Kristoph's, grazing them together. This apparently pleased the older man as he let out a delighted hiss. Kristoph took control from there. With his hands, he scraped through the brunette's hair and pulled him even closer. Apollo gasped as he impacted with the gear stick. Kristoph took the widening of his mouth as an invitation for his tongue to enter. Apollo was stunned for a moment. He couldn't believe this was actually happening. He would've bit his own tongue to see if it was a dream, were it not otherwise occupied. Kristoph obviously knew exactly what he was doing. One of his hands trailed from Apollo's hair, down his neck, his back then gently squeezed the young man's pert buttock before snaking round to the front of his trousers.
The younger man pulled away immediately.
"Is there something wrong, Apollo?" Kristoph whispered.
"I, ah, um, well, I just remembered that I... erm... I have work tomorrow!" he squealed, frantically feeling around behind him for the door handle. He found it and more or less felt straight onto the sidewalk.
"Well... I'll see you tomorrow then, Justice," the older man sighed.
Apollo vaguely composed himself then practically sprinted to his apartment. He panted breathlessly as he tried to work out what had just happened.

When he woke up, everything seemed normal. His bedroom was still littered with law books and paperwork. He had his usual breakfast of jam on toast with a glass of store-bought orange juice. He took a shower then put on his old grey (once black) suit. He practised his "Chords of Steel" (™) then, as normal, he realised that he was running late so had to ride his bike as fast as he could without crashing into anything. As normal, he managed to get to work with five minutes to spare. Sighing with relief, he whipped round to see if anyone fancied some tea or coffee. Unlike normal, he made a point of avoiding his boss's office today.

Once sat at his desk, Apollo returned to the files he'd been working on yesterday. He found that he couldn't focus on them with his usual enthusiasm. He couldn't stop thinking about Kristoph. It was even worse than it was before. He didn't even know what he wanted from him anymore. Was it a powerful respect for his wonderful mentor? A burning lust for the handsome older man? Or love?
He quickly ruled out lust as he remembered how he'd jumped out of the car at the prospect of physical intimacy. Although, once he thought about it, the idea of having sex with Kristoph... Well, it definitely didn't repulse him. In fact, it turned him on immensely. Apollo had always known that he was gay and had had sex with men before so, it wasn't exactly a completely new world to him.
But even with that being the case, he had still pushed him away at the time. Now, he felt a sense of regret at his missed opportunity.
He went to let out a sigh but ended up letting out a surprised shriek as a hand landed on his shoulder.
"Apollo, would you come to my office for a moment?"
"Mr Gavin!" he gasped.
"Come," he beckoned.

"Please, take a seat," Kristoph offered, closing the door behind the two of them.
Apollo gulped. He was mortified. As he slowly sat down on the black leather couch, he tried to decide why he was in trouble. Maybe in his naivety, he missed some unknown law of the workplace, such as 'You are fully expected to give your boss a blowjob at a moments notice'. He'd blown everything... well, not everything obviously, and that was the problem. But he was about to lose his career and the man he desperately wanted something from.
"I'd like to apologise for my... indiscretions yesterday," the blonde sighed, pacing the room. Apollo's eyes lit up. "I overstepped my boundaries and I hope you can forgive me." He gave a bow.
"Sir! I mean, Kristoph!" the young brunette blushed. "I started it, you have nothing to apologise for!"
Kristoph sat down next to him.
"I still feel I need to make it up to you," he purred, "It's Friday today. How about I take you out for the day tomorrow?"
"Take me out?"
"Like I said, I had considered bringing you into the courtroom. Perhaps we could go shopping for a new suit."
"Oh, Apollo..."
He pulled the young man close for another passionate kiss.
As ecstatic as he was, Apollo couldn't help but feel bad that he was neglecting his work. Still, it didn't seem so important when Kristoph's arms wrapped tightly around him.

The next morning, Apollo was too excited and anxious to follow his routine. He fell out of bed and dragged through his wardrobe for a shirt. He threw a glass over his head for a shower then realised that he was already dressed and now his clothes were wet. He frantically scrambled for another shirt but before he could find one, the intercom buzzer rang. He ran from his bedroom to answer it.
"Hello?" he barked.
"I'll be waiting by my car. Please try not to take too long."
"I'll just be a minute!" he replied. He switched off the intercom, grabbed his messenger bag then ran to meet his mentor.

Apollo squinted in the bright sunlight at the pale blue car. Kristoph was leaning against it, looking so effortlessly stylish in a black shirt, dark blue jeans and his reaction lensed glasses. He yawned and stretched, exposing his flat stomach for a moment.
When he noticed Apollo staring, he smiled a little then strode over to open the passenger door.
So good to see you, Justice..." he purred, standing in front of the door. As the young man went to get in the car, Kristoph bent down to steal a kiss. Apollo felt like he was flying.
"Thank you, Kristoph!" he blushed, practically falling into the car.
Kristoph slinked around to the other side of the car and got in the drivers seat. "Lets go."

He drove them to a shopping centre that Apollo had never been to before. When he looked at all the designer names and labels, he quickly worked out why he'd never been there. The place was like a millionaire's playground.
"I don't think I can... um... Not saying that I'm underpaid but... Well... If I buy something here, I don't think I can afford the rent... or food... for a year..." he rambled embarrassedly.
Kristoph laughed.
"What's so funny?" the younger man frowned.
"I thought I told you that I was paying for today?" he sneered.
"Huh? Wh-why?" he gasped.
That didn't really answer his question but he still followed Kristoph into a fancy tailors shop.

"Mr Gavin, sir, so good to have your custom once again!" an elderly gentleman with a stiff upper-lip greeted. "What can we do for you today?"
"I'd like something... bold for my dear... friend Apollo here," Kristoph replied, holding Apollo's shoulder, "Isn't he handsome?"
"Kristoph!" the young man squeaked, blushing brightly.
"You're too modest, my sweet boy!" he purred, stroking his chin.
Apollo felt his legs go weak. He couldn't believe his fortune. He was being treated like a god by this deity.
"Hmmm..." the assistant prodded him. He came back to reality with a jump. "I'm seeing a waistcoat on this one."
"Hmm... and a nice dinner shirt?" Kristoph suggested, staring straight at Apollo.
"Any ideas of colour?"
"I like red," Apollo announced before he had time to think how intellectually devoid the statement actually sounded.
The assistant laughed mockingly.
"What are you smirking at? My partner here wants red, so, get on with it or we will take our business elsewhere!!!" Kristoph shouted.
"Yes sir, of course," he sighed, walking away to get a tape measure and clipboard.
"Thanks Kristoph, but really, you're being too good to me!"
"Hush, Apollo. I know I've been a little over-the-top but... you've really got a hold on me! Besides, I still owe you an apology for my behaviour the other night."
"Kristoph, how many times to I need to say? I wanted you to touch me, I was just taken by surprise!" he replied in what could only be described as a passionate outburst.
Kristoph's responding expression was one of absolute glee. It was however short-lived as the elderly attendant returned, prodding at the blushing young man with the tape measure. As he started measuring Apollo's legs, Kristoph started frowning. Measuring around the crotch, he practically assaulted the old man.
"Watch your hands there!" he growled.
The attendant glared a moment.
"Of course, sir," he sighed.

"Well, I've got the measurements, I know to make it... red," the old man sniggered, "We'll have the suit ready for you in a few days."
"Thank you!" Apollo chirped.
"Come, Apollo, let's go get some coffee or something," Kristoph sighed, practically dragging him out of the shop.
"That guy was kind of rude."
"Yes, an unfortunate thing about places like that. I swear, they truly believe their customers are lesser beings if they're not obviously wealthy."
Apollo picked at his shirt. Surely, it wasn't that bad.

The two men ordered coffee in a trendy cafe and sat at a small corner table.
"This place is nice," Apollo gasped.
"Isn't it just?" Kristoph shrugged, "Anyway, at least we can have a nice little chat here."
Apollo had a confused little frown as he sipped at his latte.
"For example, we know so little of each others' personal lives and pasts..." Kristoph sneered, twirling a spoon around his mug of mocha.
"Well... what do you want to know?" he mumbled.
"Hmmm..." he replied, looking thoughtful, "Well, your family? Your school? Past lovers? Allergies? Latext, okay?"
"I, um..." he blushed, "I guess... well, I never met my birth parents. I was in care 'till I was about ten, then I got fostered."
"Oh, how awful," he sighed.
"Oh, no, no, no!!!" he waved frantically, "The care home was nice enough and my foster parents were great. They fostered loads but they still treated us all as if we were their own blood."
"How sweet..."
"So, um... yeah, what about you, sir?"
"All right," he sighed, "I was born and raised in Germany-"
"Ja, Schatzi..." he replied, appearing slightly ashamed of his old accent, "Took years of elocution lessons. Anyway, I lived between boarding school and with my... family. My father was an angry old fool who spent most of his time at work, paying for his drunken young wife to laze around in the company of pool boys and plastic surgeons."
Apollo stared, not sure how to react.
"And when I was eight, my prodigal little brother was born. My parents showered him with the attention they never gave me. So, obviously, he grew up spoiled and cocky. He spends most of his time battering his guitar with his Neanderthallish friends."
"He sounds awful," he finally piped up.
"Oh, you have no idea," he sighed, "Well, have you finished your drink? Perhaps it's time we moved on."

As they continued shopping, Apollo couldn't help but feel sorry for his mentor. He always appeared so strong and together that Apollo had no idea that the man could hide such pain and resentment.
"What do you think of this?"
"Huh?" Apollo mumbled, settling back into reality.
Kristoph was holding up a shirt.
"That's Armani!" the young man squeaked.
"Well, yes. We are in an Armani store," he sniggered.
"It's a nice shirt."
And with that, Kristoph waltzed over to the cashier.
Apollo stayed where he was. Shortly, Kristoph returned and handed him the shopping bag. Apollo blinked up at him.
"I want to take you somewhere nice."
"Kristoph, thank you, really, but please, this is too much!" he blushed.
"Apollo, I've already-"
"It's just a bit... well, really overwhelming. I mean, simply talking to you is more than I deserve. I mean, just look at you! You're the most intelligent man I've ever met and... you're so... you're like a god! Then look at me, sir. I speak before I think, I'm a bit of a geek, I'm too short and I've got a piggy nose. Talk about Hyperion to a Satyr."
Kristoph stared at him for a moment. Apollo clenched his fists, screwed his eyes shut and his lip trembled. Kristoph pulled him into his arms and held him close.
"Apollo... hell, Apollo! How about I buy you a book on Greek mythology?"
"No... please... no more gifts..." he mumbled, "I... I'm not worthy..."
"Shush... Come on. I know a place that's a little less... extravagant," he hushed, stroking the younger man's spiky hair. "Do you like Borscht?
"It's a kind of Russian soup."
"I know that but... what?"
"Come on, darling."

About an hour or so later, they walked into the Borscht Bowl Club. A piano was playing. Abysmally.
"Let's stop off in the bathrooms first, Kristoph suggested.
"I don't really need to-"
Before he could finish, Kristoph had taken him by the hand and led him away.
When in the restroom, Kristoph immediately lunged in to kiss the young man. He didn't wait to invade the mouth with his tongue. Within minutes, Apollo found himself painfully aroused and another man had entered the room.
"Good evening, Kristoph," the man greeted, sounding slightly resentful.
"Wright," he replied, barely removing his lips from Apollo's.
"How are you?" the man asked, standing at the urinal.
"I'm perfect. Apollo, let's have a private chat in a cubicle."
"I don't think it's soundproof," Apollo muttered, blushing insanely. Once again, before he could finish his point, he'd been dragged away.
"Nice to see you, Wright!" Kristoph called out, frantically locking the door and latching his mouth onto the boy's neck.
"Ungh!" Apollo moaned, writhing against the back of the cubicle.
He had no idea if the third man had left yet but Kristoph's hand pulling down the zipper on his pants made it seem unimportant.
"Kris!" he squeaked.
Kristoph was already knelt on the floor. He looked up at him through thick dark lashes, with his glasses falling off the bridge of his nose.
"Isn't this a bit...?" Apollo blushed.
"Apollo... Schatzi?" he purred. He started talking a stream of German. Apollo had no idea what any of it meant. He assumed "lutschen" was something like "lovely" and "schwanz" meant "swan".
"I don't deserve someone as incredible as you, sir..." Apollo panted.
"Apollo..." the older man purred, "You're too hard on yourself... I want to prove my feelings for you..."
"Feelings?" he blushed.
"Yes... I've been longing for you almost as long as you've worked for me..." he said, closing his eyes as though in thought. Apollo was so consumed by the sentiment that it didn't even occur to him that they'd only been working together for a couple of weeks.
"Okay... okay... Please..."
Kristoph grinned.
"Please what?" he teased.
"Please Kristoph, sir?" he whined desperately.
"What do you want me to do?" he continued, keeping the same business-like composure.
"Please suck me off, Kristoph!" he practically screamed with his chords of steel.
Kristoph's eyes lit up and his grin widened. In one quick movement, he tugged down Apollo's pants and underwear. Before he could even feel the cold air, Kristoph had already taken him into his mouth.
Apollo moaned. It escaped his lips so involuntarily that he was surprised it had come from him.
Kristoph's mouth felt so warm and welcoming and his tongue... it darted around so diligently that Apollo couldn't stop moaning or writhing in pleasure. If Kristoph's friend was still outside, he have probably guessed by now that they weren't just talking in the cubicle.
Very quickly, Apollo came. Once his protégé had spilled into his mouth, Kristoph supported him by the hip for a moment while he, rather delicately, spat into the toilet bowl. He then let go of him, causing him to collapse onto the toilet seat.
"Hm, did you enjoy that?" he asked, wiping his mouth with some toilet tissue.
Apollo nodded deliriously.
"Brilliant..." he smiled, opening his own fly, "So, it's my turn now, yes?"
"Huh?" he panted, unable to think clearly through all the stars he was seeing.
"I've shown how I feel about you..." he pouted, leaning against the cubicle door. "Maybe you just don't feel the same about me after all."
Apollo suddenly felt a pang of guilt. Kristoph had just given him the most immense pleasure and he hadn't even said thank you. With a sigh, he pulled up his pants and dropped to his knees.
"There's a good boy..." Kristoph sighed, folding his arms behind his head as he leant back.

Apollo wasn't quite as skilled as Kristoph at this. He fumbled for the buttons on the tight silk boxers and once finally pulling out their contents, he practically fainted. He wasn't entirely convinced that that would even fit in his mouth. He hadn't even imagined it to be this size in his most exaggerated daydreams.
"Come on, Apollo," Kristoph growled.
Apollo blinked to pull himself together then got to the job at hand. He started by gently licking the tip. He could tell that Kristoph was growing impatient as the man had started gyrating his hips, just slightly, but enough to notice. Taking a deep breath, he started to take the impressive staff into his mouth. He bobbed up and down on it, with a rosy blush spreading across his face. The view was very pleasing to Kristoph as he freed his hands from his own head and buried them in Apollo's hair. He pulled gently, encouraging the younger man to move faster. This had a revolving door effect as the faster Apollo sucked, the harder Kristoph pulled until they were both trembling uncontrollably.
Kristoph pulled out just as he came. Apollo wondered whether or not this was a compliment as he rubbed cum out of his eye.
"So... proud of you... Justice..." Kristoph panted as he slid down against the door.
"Thank you... sir..." Apollo replied, head slumped against his chest.

Needless to say, both men were far too tired for any borscht.
"Come on, babe, I'll drive you home," Kristoph sighed. He picked up a very sleepy Apollo and led him away. The young man was too tired to even question why the man from earlier was only just washing his hands now. When they got in the car, Apollo was practically asleep as soon as he'd buckled his seat belt.
"Fancy a night cap?" Kristoph asked as he started driving.
"Nngh..." Apollo mumbled, "Bed..."
"I like the sound of that," he purred, "My place it is!"
"No... my bed... Sleep..."
"All right, I suppose it has been a good enough day..." he sighed. "There's always tomorrow."
"Kris... We're going too... fast... I think... I mean... What are we?"
"We're two people, Apollo."
"Yeah, but..." he frowned, waking up a bit, "At work, we're lawyer and apprentice. So, what are we here? Could I consider you my... boyfriend or am I just... um... you know..."
Kristoph regarded him a moment.
"Oh, Apollo! Of course I consider you my boyfriend!"
"Thank god!" Apollo cried, attempting to hug his boyfriend.
"Apollo, love, I'm driving!" he barked.

Once alone in his apartment, Apollo ran straight for his bed. He fell back on it in a state of absolute bliss. Somehow, over the course of a few days, he had been promised a chance to further his career and he had also become the boyfriend of some divine celestial being. As he lay there, his head was swimming. Before long, he drowned in his thoughts and drifted off to sleep.

It was a few days later that they took the next step. For the past couple of days in the workplace, they'd been exchanging innuendoes but today was the real thing.
"Apollo?" Kristoph called, poking his head round his office door. "Could you come in my office please?"
Apollo leapt from his seat and practically ran to the office.
As soon as the door was locked behind them, the two men locked in a fierce embrace, mouths all over each other.
"I've got something for you..." Kristoph whispered into Apollo's ear.
"I want it bad..." he mumbled into Kristoph's collarbone.
The older man planted a kiss on the younger man's lips then pulled away. Apollo gasped disappointedly.
"Here!" he smiled, presenting the tailored suit up hung up against a cabinet.
The young man simply gasped.
"Why don't you try it on?"
Nervously, he removed his jacket.
"Come on, love, strip for me!" Kristoph sneered, falling back into his plush leather office chair.
Apollo blushed and started unbuttoning his shirt.
Kristoph responded by smirking and brazenly unzipping his own fly.
Before long, Apollo was stood in just his briefs and his socks. And Kristoph was licking his lips and stroking himself vigourously.
"I think it's time we did this..." the older man announced, removing his hand from his trousers as he got up from his seat and crossed the room. His now freed hand caressed Apollo's face.
"Can we? I mean... here?" the young man blushed.
"You forget whose office this is!" he laughed, loosening his tie. "Do you want to see my body?"
Apollo simply sighed, his eyelids drooping lustfully.
"I can pleasure you with my clothes on, just my flies open... Or... I can be naked. You and your eyes can feast upon my body..." he sneered, climbing atop Apollo, straddling his hips. "What do you desire of me?"
"All... All of you..." he whispered.
Within a moment, he was devoid of all clothes and making various preparations. Each of his moves were vastly exaggerated.
"Now, Apollo... Lie across the couch for me..." he instructed, climbing onto the couch, kneeling open-legged over Apollo.
The young man lay back and gazed at the god before him. His heart was racing, his skin was slick with sweat and his briefs showed obvious tenting.
"Roll onto your front, okay?"
He did as he was told.
"Now... Let's get you... Sort of kneeling, all-fours... Yes..." Kristoph continued, guiding the young man with his strong hands pushing firmly against his still clothed buttocks.
"Hm... Apollo... I wish you could see what I'm seeing now..."
The young man tried to envision himself in his current position. To be honest, it seemed quite humiliating. Instead, he tried imaging Kristoph in the same position, laid out like an animal just for him to enjoy... He let out a delighted moan then a gasp as he suddenly felt his underwear being pulled halfway down his backside. Kristoph had stopped to inspect the curves with his hands. After a moment of delicate stroking, he whipped the briefs down with a single movement.
"God, Apollo, you look so..." he started. He trailed off as he arched over Apollo, kissing his neck and positioning his dick between his boyfriend's thighs. "Allergic to latex? Any brands of lube?"
"No, sir!" he barked in a military fashion.
"Then, let the games begin!" the older man sneered, making the final preparations. "Brace yourself, this might... no, this will hurt!"

They made love. Or something like it. Once Kristoph grew tired, he pulled out, rolled off and strode across the room to clean himself up and get dressed. Apollo was left, collapsed in a sticky aching heap on the couch.
"That was great, love," Kristoph sighed, "I'll get you a coffee in a minute. You need it."
The young man tried to say "thank you" but only had energy enough to let out a low grunt.
"Got quite a throat on you, Justice if the noises you made were anything to go by. You should make more use of it next time we find ourselves in a Borscht Bowl situation.
Apollo tried to sit up but it hurt and he was far too exhausted. He'd never been quite so thoroughly fucked.
"Oh love, look at you..." Kristoph simpered, walking back to the couch to stroke the young man's face. "Come on, let's clean you up..." He pulled a towel from a shopping bag next to the couch. "Good boy..." he smiled, gently rubbing the sweat and fluid from his body. To Apollo, this simple gesture meant everything. To Kristoph, it meant not having to deal with semen stains on the couch.

Over the coming weeks, Kristoph took Apollo in the courtroom... and anywhere else he felt like. Apollo felt that his life was perfect. He was on his way to the perfect career, he had the perfect boyfriend and a perfect connection between the two. As he sat in Kristoph's living room, he had no idea that it would all be taken away, quite soon.
"Apollo... How would you like..." Kristoph started, pacing the floor, "... to take on a case yourself?"
Apollo assumed Kristoph was joking.
"Hmmm, what kind of case would this be?" he chuckled, giving a wink.
"In court," he replied, with no trace of humour in his voice. "An old friend of mine."
Apollo picked up on the seriousness in his voice and straightened up.
"You want me to defend your friend?" he asked, "Wouldn't they have more trust in you?"
"You'd think that," he grumbled. "He's stubborn as an ass and he insisted I gave the case to you."
"Well, not specifically by name. He simply requested my most talented apprentice."
"Aw, Kris..." he blushed.
"Don't accept right away, Justice..." he sighed, "It's a murder case. And like I said, my friend... He's hard to handle."
"Do you think he did it?" he asked nervously.
"What I think is irrelevant, Justice," he growled, pushing his glasses up onto his nose.
"I don't know... How can I have faith in him when I don't even know who he is?"
"The man's name is Phoenix Wright."
"I'll take the case," he responded immediately.
"You do know that-" Kristoph started.
"It's down to Mr Wright that I wanted to become a defence attorney to begin with!" he interrupted passionately.
"I'm not sure I'm entirely keen on how keen you are on the man..."
"You think I...? Oh Kris!" he cooed, blushing and fiddling with his hair, "It's just a... well, an intellectual attraction, I guess!"
"That had better be all, my love..." he growled, pushing him down onto the couch, nibbling predatorily at his neck and cupping at his crotch.

Soon enough came the day of the trial. Apollo woke up early with a pounding headache and a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. With a heavy hearted sigh, he took some aspirin then practised his chords of steel. When he'd seen any of Phoenix Wright's cases on TV, his "Objection!"s always captured focus. Apollo's theory was that if his objections were loud enough, everything would go smoothly. Also, Kristoph Gavin was going to be by his side. He was definitely going to get Mr Wright that "Not Guilty" verdict.

And he did, but at the ultimate cost. To clear Phoenix's name, he had to besmirch Kristoph's. He had to make the soul destroying choice between the perfect life he'd stumbled into or his life's dream to seek out the truth. He was sure he felt his heart break as he saw the man he loved being dragged away in handcuffs. And the hate filled glare he'd been shot as he was led away... Apollo wanted to die right there and then.
Mr Wright tried to comfort him. The man turned out to be so different to how Apollo had expected that it just depressed him further. When he got home after the trial, he didn't know what to do with himself. Initially, he was too lost in disbelief to cry. It took almost a week for the situation to really sink in and then he did cry. In abundance. He'd sacrificed everything for the sake of truth. His love, his job... Mr Wright had offered him a position but refused it out of bitterness. That was another loss, once he'd thought about it. He'd lost all respect for a man who was once his idol. And Kristoph as well. At this moment, it was quite safe to say he'd lost faith in the human race.

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