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When I Think About You (Chapter Six)

Title: When I Think About You
Rating: Mature (graphic sexual moments)
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Pairing: Phoenix/Miles (Hints of Franziska/Adrian, Klavier/Apollo)
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Chapter Four
Chapter Five
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Chapter Ten/Finale

Desperately waiting for next week's counselling session, Miles started scouring through the phonebook for someone to employ him. The once proud demon prosecutor had been reduced to a lazy self-pitying wanker. He though back to the old days, when the courtroom was alight with the passion of his generation. There were more turnabouts than he could care to count. Whenever he and Phoenix were matched against each other, it was impossible to predict an outcome. Now, they had both fallen so far from grace that they couldn't even bring themselves to be civil to each other. Or at the very least, Miles couldn't. He imagined the counsellor asking why not and he found himself answering Because I can't face finding out that I was wrong...
And as for the law world? It was being driven by a fop and an anonymous defence team. I suppose von Karma would've said the same of my generation.

Miles found himself being consumed by his memories.
It was a month or so after "that night". They had decided to spite the world (as well as Miles' icy reputation) and become a couple. Their shared kiss outside the club had sealed the deal and blew away any feelings of hate or resentment. Now, they were practically inseparable.
They still had yet to indulge in the act of lovemaking. Phoenix had assumed this was because they both had cases to work on and a hard-on was scarcely going to work as hard evidence. Miles was getting desperate but he was terrified. He still hadn't told Phoenix that he would be his first, it would just be too embarrassing. Tonight though, he decided, was crunch time. He'd left a note on Wright's office door, telling him to meet at his car when he'd finished up for the day.
Miles sat in his car, fingering his cravat anxiously. He'd expected Phoenix to finish at about six o' clock. It was currently five to six. He was getting so nervous that he could hardly breathe. He opened the window then pulled his phone out of his pocket for something to distract himself with.
This hardly helped as he found himself inadvertently composing a text message to his boyfriend. Worse still, thinking of Phoenix as his boyfriend made him feel all giddy.

"Looking for a little paradise by the dashboard light, are we?" someone laughed through the open window.
"Shut up, Wright! Get in," Miles growled, having dropped his phone in shock.
Phoenix chuckled, got in the passenger seat and leant across to kiss his partners lips.
"Get off me, you oaf!" Miles barked, "Do your seat-belt up. We're going somewhere nice and I don't want to be retrieving your mangled remains from a car crash on the way there."
"That's easy, just don't crash the car!" he laughed, buckling up, "Though, I can't imagine that being likely, as you drive as slowly as your tea lady."
"Tenant, Wright. She's my tenant. I know it must be difficult to understand, what with you living in a hovel with a harem of strange teenage girls, but still."
"You're so friggin' cute, I could cry, Edgie!"

They got to their destination in about half an hour; it was a restaurant called "Je T'Aime".
"Okay, Wright," Miles started, "This is a restaurant. A proper one. So, I'm afraid they won't have Happy Meals." Somehow, mocking his boyfriend calmed him down immensely.
"You should've said something... I could've changed into something fancy!" Phoenix pouted.
Miles wanted to respond with another cruel jibe but instead found himself caressing that silly pout and saying "You look perfect to me..."
The pout melted into a bumbling smile.

They stepped inside and waited to be seated. They were led to a small rounded table by a frosted window. The table was covered by a fine white lace tablecloth, a tall thin candle in a delicate silver holder and a single red rose sat in a small crystal vase.
"This place is just..." Phoenix gasped, running out of words.
"You haven't even tasted anything yet!" Miles sneered, blushing slightly at his possible innuendo.
"The menu, sirs," the slightly familiar waitress curtsied, putting menus on the table in front of them.
They both thanked her. She adjusted her glasses, curtsied again then left them alone.
"Jesus, Edgie, you didn't tell me it was going to be this..." Phoenix started, biting his lip. He silently mouthed the word "expensive".
"Don't worry about it, Wright," Miles smiled, flicking elegantly through the menu.
"While we're here, there shall be no buts..." he said, once again blushing at the innuendo, even though this one was slightly more intentional.
Phoenix blushed a little as well, but this was due to modesty at being treated like a Prince.

Once they'd finished their meal, Miles summoned the waitress, requesting the bill and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.
Phoenix stared at the bottle as it arrived.
"Just because you can't say it, doesn't mean you can't try it!" Miles giggled, sampling the bouquet from his glass. He picked up the bottle and poured some for his companion, "Don't worry, I haven't tampered with it!"
"You think you'd need to drug my drink to get me?" he sniggered, picking up his glass.
"From what I've heard, that's hardly an issue!" he laughed, apparently loosening up a bit.
"Do you really think I'm some kind of Don Juan Casanova?!" he spluttered, accidently spitting out his sip of wine. "I haven't been with that many guys... Look at you though! You're the one who must be fending them off with a stick!"
"You're such an idiot, Wright," Miles huffed, blushing wildly.
"Do I want to ask how many if you're reacting like that?"
He gulped down his wine, took a deep breath then gave in.
"Including myself, my full count of sexual partners would be... one."
Phoenix stared at him with his mouth wide open.
"Stop that or people will wonder what I'm going to put in there," Miles muttered.
"So, you're..."
"Not even..."
"So, if... I would be..."

Phoenix looked strangely in pain for a moment.
"You shouldn't have asked, Wright," Miles hissed, emptying his wallet onto the bill tray.
"Why didn't you say so earlier?" he asked, stroking hair from his lovers eyes.
"It's embarrassing for me, Wright..."
"Miles..." he mumbled, pulling him closer.
Miles started to feel a part of him come to life. To ruin the poetry of it, the part happened to be in his pants. He was mortified.
"What's wrong?" his partner asked, trying to look him in the eyes.
"Nothing, nothing..." he huffed, desperately avoiding eye contact, "Just it's late and I should drive you home."
"I don't feel like ending this date by retrieving your mangled remains from a car crash," he sniggered, "And you've been drinking. Come on, I'm getting you a cab."
Miles tried to argue but was silenced by Phoenix's lips on his and his hands lifting him from his seat.

In the cab, they held hands and tried their damnedest not to do anything else as their driver was keeping an eye on them in the mirror.
The cab stopped at Miles' place. He got out.
"I'll see you-" Phoenix started in an uncharacteristically polite manner.
"Would you like to come up for coffee?!?!" Miles blurted, holding the cab door open.
Phoenix knew that Miles hated coffee. He knew from video games that coffee rarely meant actual coffee. He also knew that this could only mean one thing.
Given the full situation, he would've rather had a little more time to think about it, but he didn't have time and he couldn't resist. He handed the driver a couple of fifty dollar bills, told him to keep the change then practically leapt out of the car and into his lovers arms.
They kissed so intensely that they didn't even notice that they'd fallen against the front door. Miles squeaked as the door knob prodded into his back.
"Are you all right, baby?" Phoenix whispered.
"Yeah, just the knob..." he panted, "The door knob!!!"
Phoenix scooped him away from it and laughed, smiling brightly.
Miles tried to pull himself together enough to fish his keys from his pocket. He turned away to try and open the door. It proved to be slightly more trouble than he'd anticipated as Phoenix bent over him and kissed his neck.
"Phoenix, you bastard, stop that!" he sneered, trying to keep some composure.
"I can't help it..." he moaned into his ear. His breath felt so warm.
They fell through the door laughing uncontrollably.
Miles tried to hush them so not to wake his tenant.

They'd been in Miles' bedroom together before, so, it wasn't a completely new environment, but it felt totally different somehow. Phoenix sat down on the bed and stroked his hands up and down the pristine sheets.
Miles closed the door and froze slightly.
"W-wh... what happens now?" he stammered, feeling so... vulnerable.
Phoenix got off the bed, walked over to his nervous lover and pulled his head to his chest. He could feel Miles literally shaking.
"It's all right..." he whispered, "We don't need to do anything you don't want to..."
"I do want to though..." Miles gasped, clinging to Phoenix's lapels.
"Okay..." he replied, guiding him towards the bed.

Miles let himself fall backwards onto the bed, his legs hanging off the end. Phoenix pulled off all their shoes and socks, then adjusted the lighting by turning off the main light in favour of a lamp on the bedside table.
He peeled off their jackets and flung them to the floor then climbed on top of his lover.
"Just tell me to stop at any time, okay?" he whispered into his ear.
"Never, Wright..." he replied, his voice quivering.
He pulled up to steal as many kisses as possible.
"I can't believe how lucky I am..." Phoenix mumbled, untying Miles' cravat. He flung it away and kissed the soft skin beneath. Miles gasped blissfully and curled around him. Phoenix was delighted at the effect of something so simple.
They both gasped and tore at each others shirts, flinging them onto the bed post. Miles traced his fingers along the mounds of muscle and flab of Phoenix's torso. He felt so warm and soft... he pulled himself up and put his mouth over a fleshy pink nipple.
"I... I..." he breathed, releasing warm air over it.
"Shhhh..." Phoenix hushed, stroking his hair.
Miles gasped then started planting kisses. He opened his mouth a little and took the nipple in, licking and sucking. He marvelled as he felt it harden under his tongue.
"Try nibbling..." Phoenix suggested, breathing heavily.
"Nibbling?" he panted, hardly taking the nipple from his mouth.
"Let me show you..." he started by kissing his neck. Miles squeaked as the mouth left a trail of kisses from the neck, over his collarbone, down to a nipple. He blew on it and tweaked the other with one hand. They stood to attention almost immediately. He took one of the light brown nubs into his mouth and moistened it with his tongue then sunk his teeth in a little.
"Oh..." Miles moaned, arching his back.
"Did you like that? Are you all right?"
"Yes! Yes, yes... YES... just... Let me see it!"
"See... it?"
"Yes!" he tried trailing a shaking hand down Phoenix's crotch.
"Not yet..."
"Please..." he begged. Phoenix silenced him with a kiss on the lips. All the while, he ran his fingers of one hand up and down Miles' finely toned torso as if it were a musical instrument, and held himself up with the other hand. He pulled his mouth away and trailed a hand down the toned body, teasingly brushing over his lover's swelling shaft, while climbing onto the floor.

"Stop!" Miles cried, sitting bolt upright.
"What is it?!?!" Phoenix gasped desperately, holding onto his partners knees.
"Stop teasing!" he blurted, gripping so tightly to the edge of the bed that his knuckles went white. "I need you now!"
Phoenix couldn't help but laugh a little. And Miles couldn't help but blush a lot.
"I'll see what I can do then..." Phoenix smiled. He pulled Miles' legs apart and groped for his belt buckle. He unfastened it and pulled it away then started tugging off his trousers.
Miles was getting so hot and impatient that it took all the strength he had not to touch himself.
"Oh..." Phoenix gasped, sounding surprised.
"Nothing, I just always had you down as a briefs kind of guy."
"Huh?" he looked down to see his 'Steel Samurai" boxer shorts, "Shit!!!"
After all that planning, how could he have forgotten them?
Phoenix pulled them off and smiled.

"You've shown me mine, now let me show you yours!!!" Miles demanded deliriously, letting the blood supply from his brain flow elsewhere.
"I've already seen mine!" Phoenix teased, resting his head against a milky white thigh.
"Please Wright!"
"All right," he chuckled. He stood up, undid his belt then kicked his trousers to the floor, so he was left in just a pair of plain blue trunks. "Would you like to do the honours?"
Miles looked up at his face then back at the trunks. After a restrained moment of nervous contemplation, he tore at them like a brightly wrapped Christmas present.
Miles stared and gasped. He didn't know whether to feel overjoyed, envious or extremely nervous.
"Yep, this is a penis!" Phoenix chuckled, getting him back for the happy meal comment from earlier.
"So I see, Wright..." he gasped, slowly reaching to grab hold of it.
Phoenix interjected by grabbing hold of his hands. He knelt down on the floor and still holding his hands, pulled Miles' hips towards him.

"Please..." Miles gasped, feeling his groin throbbing in excitement. The anticipation alone was driving him close to the edge.
Phoenix let go of Miles' hands then breathed on his own. He then ran them up and down the length in front of them.
"I've hardly started, baby... You okay?"
Miles replied with a stream of short sharp "Yes"'s.
"All right then..."
He started by kissing the tip gently. Still rubbing Miles with his hands, he eased his mouth around it. He licked and sucked, causing his lover to convulse wildly. He started pulling up and down, sucking a little higher up each time.
Miles was burning up. He couldn't see straight. He leant forward and gripped onto Phoenix's falling spikes of jet black hair.
"Oh god... oh god... oh god..." he whimpered, clutching tighter as his lover moved faster. "Oh... oh... OH GOD!!!"

And before he could feel control over anything, he felt a spurting release. He immediately pulled away from his lover and froze.
"I'm so sorry... Jesus Christ, I can't believe I..." he panted, almost crying.
Phoenix swallowed then sat next to the shivering man.
"Have I ever told you how fucking adorable you are?"
"But I just... in your mouth... you must think I'm a pig!"
"No, Miles, I think you're a man. And despite what Mia to used to tell me, they're NOT the same thing," he smiled, holding his hand. "Did you seriously not expect that?"
He shook his head.
"Well, it's perfectly normal anyhow!" he grinned, "It would be weirder if it was bone dry... if you'll pardon the pun."
Miles was still a little unsure.
"Look..." Phoenix sighed, wrapping Miles' hand around his . He tossed it slightly until Miles got the hang of it on his own. "Haven't you ever done this on yours? I don't mean that as a criticism."
"Only once or twice. Masturbation always struck me as being a... a weakness..." he replied, working Phoenix harder.
"Ah!" he gasped, "Well, it's a sport of kings, love, sport of... oh christ, kings..."
Miles felt an incredible sense of achievement as he watched his lovers mouth curl and his eyes roll back slightly.
"Oh... Oh! There we go..." he gasped, dribbling slightly down there.
Miles found himself staring at it, fascinated.
"Are you ready for anything more or have you had enough?"
"No, I want more!" he squeaked, tugging absent-mindedly at his partner.
"Good, good!" he grunted, unfurling Miles' fingers for a moment. "Have you got any supplies?"
"Like what?" he asked.
"Rubbers and lube," he replied, matter-of-factly.
"Rubbers? As in condoms?"
"Yeah, because, I'm sorry Edgeworth, but I'm not sticking around if you get knocked up!"
"Shut up and get to work," he blushed, madly, folding his arms.
"Fine," he sighed, "Well, I've got an emergency rubber in my wallet. Seriously though, have you got any lube?"
"Yes, Wright, it's in a bottle under the bed. I'm not completely oblivious to sex!"
"Says the man who didn't know what cumming is..." he mumbled, routing around for it. "Cherry flavour? What were you expecting to do with this on your first time?"
"I just liked the smell..." he blushed.
"So... fucking... adorable!"

"Are you definitely sure?" Phoenix asked again, looking straight into his lovers eyes.
"I've never been more sure about anything, Wright," he nodded sternly.
"All right then," he sighed, "Take this..." he instructed, holding out his cock.
"Have you even ever watched a porn? Got to get it up and I don't figure you as being kinky enough to want to watch me do it myself just yet!"
"Oh... right..." he blushed, it again.
Phoenix surprised him by stroking the hair at the back of his neck and kissing him passionately. His mouth obviously tasted a lot saltier than before but there was something exciting about that. Miles wasn't certain about his partner, but he was certainly feeling rock hard.

"Are you ready?" Phoenix panted into his lovers mouth.
Another stream of yes's.
"Let's try and do this face-to-face..." he whispered, more to himself than to Miles.
Miles was falling back into a state of delirium as he lay back on the bed.
He couldn't tell what Phoenix was doing but he could suddenly smell cherries.
"Don't panic, but this might hurt a little."
Miles was sort of zoned out by this time. He came back to earth as he felt a finger slide into him. It didn't hurt as such but it felt very strange.
"Is that okay?"
"It's fine..."
"That's one. I'm going to pull out and go in with two now."
Miles made a noise consisting mainly of vowels as it came out. He then squeaked as two slid back in.
He felt Phoenix thrusting a little.
"How's that?"
He pulled out once more.

"This time... the real thing..." Phoenix said softly, climbing over his lover once again.
"Please..." he panted.
Sheathing up with a condom, he smothered the opening with lube then started pushing himself against it.
"It's okay..." he whispered, having started entering. He soothed his partner by kissing his lips.

It hurt. There was no escaping that fact. It didn't help that Miles had no idea what to do with his legs. They were sort of sticking up in the air right now. Phoenix plunged deeply and Miles cried out in pain.
"Y'okay?" Phoenix panted.
He tried nodding while squeezing his eyelids shut.
He started thrusting gently and the burning sensation started to feel... good. It still hurt, possibly even more than it had before, but at the same time, Miles was being consumed by waves of pleasure.
"Oh! Ohhhh!!!" he cried blissfully.
Phoenix was falling into a similar state as he enjoyed the warmth of the soft tightness gripping to him. Without thinking, he started thrusting harder even though his arms could hardly hold him up any more.
Miles started shrieking in ecstasy and thrusting his hips against Phoenix.
They both carried on thrusting into one another until they collapsed in a heap. Miles mewed as Phoenix pulled out. He then curled up and soon fell asleep against Phoenix's chest.

Miles came back to found himself sitting on the floor of his sitting room, crying, with his head in his hands. As strong as he strived to be, he couldn't stop being consumed by his "unneccessary" feelings for Phoenix.

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